The Port of Brownsville successfully serves many important industries and customers including steel, energy resources, aggregates, minerals, and specialty products. Located less than 8 miles from the United States/Mexico border, with easy rail and highway access, this deep water port has been the #1 United States Foreign Trade Zone for the past 2 years. With many public docks for bulk and liquid commodities, the Port of Brownsville has unique amenities that enhance the operations and efficiencies of shippers.

GEOTRAC Industrial Hub has exclusive right to develop two Port-front 100(+) acre tracts that are available to heavy-sea use customers. For tenants who do not need immediate access to the water, GEOTRAC has over 1,000 acres of land just North of the Port entrance, with service to the Port via the Brownsville & Rio Grande International Railway.



  • 42-foot channel depth
  • 1,200-foot wide Turning Basin
  • Ability to handle all types of ships, from river barges to large panama
  • International shipping routes
  • Barge service via the U.S. Intracoastal and Inland Waterway System
  • Short-Sea shipping via the M-10 Marine Highway


  • 3 Stevedore Companies
  • 12 cargo docks
  • 4 oil docks
  • 1 liquid cargo dock
  • 2 bulk cargo docks
  • Top U.S. Foreign Trade Zone For Exports since 2012
  • Access to the US Marine Highway system/Gulf Intercostal Waterway


  • Brownsville & Rio Grande International Railway services all tenants at the Port and interchanges with the UP, BNSF and KCSM enabling competitive rate and service packages


  • 8 miles from the Mexico border
  • Access to Highway 550 connecting to Interstate 69
  • Overweight (125,000 lbs.) truck corridor from the Port and GEOTRAC to Mexico